How Australia got scratched this summer

Absolutely fascinating summer of cricket – Australia started with some – ‘gunboat cricket’ by unleashing their ‘arrogance’ , ‘intimidating’ way , or as mentioned by Steven Waugh – ‘Mental disintegration’ on India. This entire ‘on the face’ cricket has badly boomeranged on Australia. Their captain woefully out of form scratched though out the whole summer and stamped that he still the bunny of Harbajan, their leading players instead of focussing on the game – was trying to ‘weed-out’ Indians. Adam Gilchrist undoubtly best wicket Keeper batsmen ever- sledged, cribbed, appealed and dropped umpteen catches to survive this summer, but in the end he had to hang his boot. Mathew Hayden went chest beating and proclaimed to whole world how ‘Cricket Australia’ thinks, talks and measures their opponents - especially a wily off spinner who has out foxed their captain time and again. Now the latest stunt was organised by Australian media, which was doing fairly unbiased reporting till now, by publishing a picture showing Harbajan scratching the armpits and indicating the same as monkey gesture . It is surprising to note that leading newspapers would publish something so inaccurate and misleading , where did the dictum of publishing something only after checking ‘corroborative evidences’ all go ? . BCCI and Harbajan should sue Sydney Morning Herald for defaming him and for brandishing him as a racist. In the end of the long summer Australia is left licking its wound.
- bag full of old players with few of them on the verge of retirement
- India produced few sensational young players
- BCCI put ICC in its place
- Steve Bucknor – atlast been told that he is fit to plays cards at home than officiate international match.

The post-warne era looks bleak for Australia, they have to play consistent good cricket on the pitch than sledge, complaint & chest beat.

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