Top 10 Best Presentations Ever

Interesting article i read in KnowHR, they have listed the top presentations that they feel are outstanding and great.

you can access the source files here

Anivers - Font

This is a new font that i saw,.. it is flexible and elegant and can be used in certificates, report titles and posters. you can download and use this

Have you ordered this book ??

I think you should .. , I read Garr's blog daily. It is loaded with information and 'essentials' for making better presentations. We all were delighted when he decided to write a book. check this link and order it - if you are interested in presentations, visual enhancements etc

Unhappy? Self-critical? Maybe you're just a perfectionist

If you go for the jugler always in a presentation, or if you sometime feels that you are tired of mediocre stuff from your agency ..then pls read this

Just about any sports movie, airport paperback or motivational tape delivers a few boilerplate rules for success. Believe in yourself. Don't take no for an answer. Never quit. Don't accept second best.
Above all, be true to yourself.
It's hard to argue with those maxims. They seem self-evident — if not written into the Constitution, then at least part of the cultural water supply that irrigates everything from halftime speeches to corporate lectures to SAT coaching classes.
Yet several recent studies stand as a warning against taking the platitudes of achievement too seriously. The new research focuses on a familiar type, perfectionists, who panic or blow a fuse when things don't turn out just so. The findings not only confirm that such purists are often at risk for mental distress — as Freud, Alfred Adler and countless exasperated parents have long predicted — but also suggest that perfectionism is a valuable lens through which to understand a variety of seemingly unrelated mental difficulties, from depression to compulsive behavior to addiction.

full article here