Its Not Luck !

Eliyahu Goldratt- have been always asking probing questions with Alex Rogo and we always waited for the inputs of mentor Jonah. I found this nice clip - Brings back the memories of project management Sessions- have you defined your constraints ??

Monsoon Reading

If you happen to leisurely stroll away your time during a monsoon afternoon in India then you are a lucky person. I chanced upon few days on monsoon drenched Goa. The sea was unapproachable for most part of the day but not the beach shacks and the wet sands. It was pleasure to go for a bike ride on a monsoon day and I also chanced to finish some good reading . There is one collection of writings that pays tributes to this phenomenon called monsoon, rain and wet climate ( along with Kerala )

' Where the rain is born' - writings about Kerala - Edited By Anita Nair
Penguin books

Breaking & Entering -

This is Anthony Minghella’s first written-and-directed movie- great watch - simply for its cross-cultural parallels and mirror-images of how a alienated a person can be in modern times.

Google - Mapping Progress ahead

There has been significant changes in the goggle earth images - in the last few months. Now you can scan across India and get high resolution images - which are quiet clear !
and you can make out - places, roads and plots. Now this is a handy tool if you are planing to buy land in India. ( real estate guys should utilise this in their ppts !. For OOH marketers this lets you plan OOH rentings / media planing etc - now you don't have to download - maps of india - flat maps !

Great way to read newspaper

Now you can download full version of Guardian newspaper and read it - in 5 pdf forms and updated throughout the day

access site :,,1820858,00.html