Whining world champions

One wonder what Australian cricket thinks about itself, a bunch of extra ordinary cricketers with immense talent, in the last 2 weeks have sullied the image of world champions beyond repair. They assumed that opponents would just cave in seeing them. That didn’t happen in T20. They were so upset with the loss that they even suggested that – India doesn’t know how to celebrate! If one tabulate what all has been said in media – it indicates the poor mind set of cricket Australia

Gilchrist says – T20 is just luck and that India was just lucky (Alan Donald getting run out in the WC 2003 semi final against Australia? What about that Mr Gilchrist)
Andrew Symonds says India doesn’t know how to celebrate ( must be indicating that one should grab the cup and shove out the presenter like they did in during the last champions trophy)
Ponting says India seniors are a liability
Australians would talk tough and if India talks tough – it is not even backyard cricket!
Shane Warne says – this verbal slugfest would spice up the summer. Well it would not be as spicy as his SMS for sure.

Being a champion doesn’t mean winning always – sometime it also involves showing grace when defeated - that Aussie cricket dont have.

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hezen said...

I guess you are right Raj, It was the Australians who made 50 overs matches popular& now when they see that they were not a force to reckon with, T20 has become sour grapes.

It is the format of the game, in which on a given day even a minnow can silence the champions. That's what happened with Australia & now the Goliath feels that their dominance may be threatened in international cricket.

That's the reason why the rhetoric & shrugging of T20 matches. But one thing is clear T20 is here to stay.