When do you know the momentum is on your side?

This is the most difficult question for a marketer – to know the ‘Tipping point’ – that you have crossed the bridge and now you have a smooth ride. How do you quantify that tipping point is so essential – is it the 100% sales growth, 25 NPDs that you chase, doubled your tonnage sales, increased your TOMA/ITP or is it the weighted distribution growth? Answer is indeed difficult.

seth had a nice article on this

Pushing and running
One of the most difficult transitions that marketing organizations go through is shifting from pushing against resistance to running with acceptance.
The culture at insurgent companies is all about pushing. You get turned down on sales calls, you have tiny market share, people walk away from your trade show booths. You have trouble finding suppliers and a bank loan and even employees.
So you learn to push. In fact, you may discover you start to lean against that resistance, that it becomes part of who you and your team are.
If your work is successful, you break through. You become Apple or the politician who leads in the polls. And then what?
If you're very good, you start running like crazy. You have the wind at your back and the chance to dramatically increase your impact and market share. But most organizations keep pushing. Because that's what they know how to do. Instead of running up the scoreboard, they look for something else to push against. I think the fascinating transformation at Apple is worth noting. The iPod gave them the opportunity to start running.
It's not easy.

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