Less is more is less - Patient Autonomy

Barry Schwartz wrote - Modern Torture

285 Type of cookies
100 TV
30 VCR
75 Ice - Teas
175 salad Dressing
275 cereal
40 Tooth Paste

Is it so ? is more choice harmful ?
Choices come from extension of a services or product – where in benefits of an existing product can be ‘stretched’. When a marketer gives choice to the customer it – makes customer ‘engage’ with a product. Entire kids range of products – like beverages, biscuits works on this- engagement – ‘collectables’ – where kids are encouraged to collect different freebies with the products. And all people have there own ‘consideration set’. For Eg: Hundred’s of movies are released across the world every Friday – but we read the review of the movie that we wants to watch and watch the one we want to see.

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